Meet Alf

Alf is my baby, and I’m not afraid to admit that. He’s also the baby of the group. At almost five, he’s a few months younger than Nemo.

We adopted Alf from a friend whose dog had a litter. He’s a mutt, but an adorable one. His mother was Chinese Crested and Pomeranian. His dad was a Corgi. It’s made for some interesting physical features and a lil bit of that Corgi attitude at times. He’s very smart, and has learned multiple tricks. He’s still learning some and will do just about anything for a ‘goody.’ (Shhh… don’t say that word out loud!!)

Alf gets along well with both of the cats. He loves playing with Nemo; they chase each other around the house all the time. He has played with Dog on occasion- when she’s been in the mood. Most often, however, he shows a healthy respect for her and her space.

Alf is a bit of an attention whore. He may growl when he first meets you, but as soon as you pet him once, you’ve made a friend for life. A needy one, in fact, that won’t stop bugging you for more petting and belly rubs till you get your serious voice out. If he has one vice it’s his licking. He loves to lick people. And he doesn’t know when or how to stop. The first command we had to teach him was ‘stock licking,’ actually. 😀


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