Meet Dog

Meet Dog, my beautiful, if somewhat obnoxious almost-12-year old kitty. She isn’t the most loving cat (although she does tend to show me affection more than others, including my husband,) but I think she’s amazing and beautiful and so smart. She’s been in my life since she was two weeks old, when her mother abandoned her. I bottle fed her and raised her indoors.

The name throws most people. Since she was a kitten, she has thoroughly enjoyed chewing on things. Her favorite items are flip flops, photos and plastic. While she mainly sleeps and eats and sleeps these days, she loved to play fetch when she was little as well. It also took her two years to meow. We had adopted another indoor cat, who was very vocal. I guess she acted as an inspiration to Dog, teaching her that it was okay to meow.

Dog has an attitude that’s only gotten worse with age. She’s getting up in years now, and constantly reminds us that she’s much too old to deal with any type of bullshit. For the most part, we get it, and we continue to shower her with love- as much as she allows us to that is. 🙂


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