Best of Friends

Dogs and cats are supposed to not like each other, or so we’ve been told. Nemo and Alf, however, defy that logic. Since they were practically raised together (Nemo’s just about six or seven months older) these two don’t mind being friends. In fact, I’d say they are best friends- on most days.

They love to cuddle up next to each other, and Nemo really enjoys giving Alf baths (Alf doesn’t enjoy it so much.) They play tag as well. One will chase the other through the house, then they switch and the chasee becomes the chaser.

I swear, most days I just want to break out in song when I see them. Can you guess what I’m singing? Yep.

Of course, best friends don’t always get along. Take today, for instance.

As a little backstory, despite their love affair, these two are insanely jealous of one another. You pet one, the other jumps in your lap. You call one, the other follows as well. Today, I was lounging around, laying down on the couch, enjoying a Saturday. Alf decides he wants to cuddle, so he jumps up beside me and lays right by my stomach. I’m watching a movie, so I just absentmindedly scratch his head. Nemo, who I guess was watching the entire thing, jumps up and lays on top of me, on my side.

This doesn’t bother me. Actually, it’s a normal thing in our house. What surprised me was that Alf decided to inch up a little towards my face. As he did, Nemo did as well. Curious, I didn’t move, wondering just how far these two would go.

I’ll tell you how far.

Fast forward 45 seconds later, and I have a dog curled up in a ball in front of my face and a cat sitting on the side of my head.

The two got a stern lecture about jealousy and how I’ve had about enough of their squabbles, which I’m sure they both listened to and understood.




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